April 01, 2021 to February 28, 2022

Authors send their abstract for the poster session or oral session.

March, 2022 to April 30, 2022

Authors send revised versions of their abstract (if required).

Until April 30, 2022

The Scientific Committee will inform the authors of the accepted abstracts. The communication will be through the submission system.

May 10, 2022

The Scientific Committee will announce the schedule for the oral presentations and posters on the website

Photo credits: SECTUR de Balneário Camboriú

Welcome letter

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Brazilian Society of Toxicology - SBTOX, we would like to invite you to participate in the XXII Brazilian Congress of Toxicology – CBTOX, will be held in Balneário Camboriú, State of Santa Catarina, from 25th to 28th May, 2022. The year 2022 will be a special year for SBTOX, the celebration of our 50th anniversary. Therefore, the CBTOX 2022 congress will be a great opportunity to participate in an outstanding scientific congress and to commemorate SBTOX achievements and activities in the charming city of Balneário Camboriu.

The Congress’ theme, Innovation in toxicological Sciences reflects the importance of toxicology in the modern world. The congress will bring together toxicologists of various disciplines in government, industry and universities from around of the world and Brazil states.

A robust program for the four-day Congress is being design to include continuous education courses, keynote speakers, plenary and symposium sessions that will showcase the latest global updates, especially on innovation in toxicological sciences and will facilitate collaboration and partnerships in education, research and development.

Allow me to assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure that CBTOX 2022 will be both enlightening and enjoyable.

Balneário Camboriu is a small city in Santa Catarina that has an extraordinary atmosphere, with incredible beaches, magnificent architecture, and the tradition of enjoying the finer things in life.

We sincerely hope that you avail your­selves of this opportunity to experience the unrivalled ambience of our city.

We hope that CBTOX 2022 in Balneário Camboriu will become a memorable event both professionally and socially to all participants and we are looking forward to meeting you in person.

Let’s meet in Balneário Camboriu in 2022 – your presence will be a key part in the event’s success.

Organizing committee CBTOX 2022


Organization Committee

José Roberto Santin


Isabel Daufenback Machado


Marcelo Dutra Arbo


Tiago Franco de Oliveira


Marize Campos Valadares


Ernani Pinto Junior


André Valle de Bairros


Alcíbia Helena de Azevedo Maia


Scientific committee

Aline Franco Martins


Anderson Martino Andrade


Carla Brigagão Pacheco da Silva


Eduardo Geraldo de Campos


Elisa Sauer


Fabricio Pelição

Policia Civil ES

Flavia Thiesen


Fávero R. Paula


Flavio Manoel Rodrigues da Silva Júnior


Gabriela Göethel


Isarita Martins


José Luiz da Costa


Juliano Smanioto Barin


Leonardo Costalonga Rodrigues


Luciana Grazziotin R. Grando


Marina Venzon Antunes


Maurício Homem de Mello


Mirna Bainy Leal


Osmar Damian Prestes


Rachel Bulcão

Policia Científica PR

Rafael Lanaro


Raphael Tamborelli Garcia


Sandra Macedo


Sandro Cruz Chaves


Sarah Eller


Silvya Stuchi Maria Engler


Tiago Peixe


Vanessa Moraes de Andrade



Afonso C. Dias Bainy

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Artur C. G. da Silva

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Carlos Eduardo Matos dos Santos

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Elvis Medeiros de Aquino

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Fabrício S. Pelição

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Félix Carvalho

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Gustavo M. L. Santos

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Marcia O. M. A. Jose

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Mariah Ultramari

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Marize Campos Valadares

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Mônica Paulo de Souza

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Pablo Alves Marinho

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Roberto dos Reis

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Rony A. Rezende da Costa

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Access the registration and submissions system

Early registration
August 1, 2020 – November 30, 2021
Regular registration
December 01, 2021 – March 31, 2022
On site
*Undergraduate students R$200,00 R$300,00 R$400,00
*Graduate students (Master/doctoral) R$250,00 R$350,00 R$500,00
Academic and others professional categories R$450,00 R$550,00 R$650,00
**Accompanying persons R$110,00 R$130,00 R$150,00
Early registration
August 1, 2020 – November 30, 2021
Regular registration
December 01, 2021 – March 31, 2022
On site
*Undergraduate students R$400,00 R$500,00 R$650,00
*Graduate students (Master/doctoral) R$450,00 R$550,00 R$700,00
Academic and others professional categories R$600,00 R$700,00 R$850,00
**Accompanying persons R$110,00 R$130,00 R$150,00

Minicourse: 4h – R$60,00 and 8h – R$120,00

*Undergraduate Student and Graduate Students (members and nonmembers): Needs an official document confirming online registration status.

**Accompanying persons will only be allowed to participate in the welcome reception, parties and coffee-breaks, but they will not have access to the scientific program sessions of the Congress (without certificate).

***Annual fees cleared UNTIL 2021.

***The SBTOX member category also extends to SBCF members on time, upon proof.

Cancelation and registration

Solicitation of registration fee refunds WILL NOT BE accepted.

After the cancellation, only transfer of the registration fee to another participant (in the same category) will be accepted until Abril 15, 2022. Any doubts send e-mail to contact@cbtox2021.com.br

Group discount: for every 10 registrations paid together, 1 will be free (The courtesy will only be valid for undergraduate or graduate students (master or doctoral) - send the request to: contact@cbtox2021.com.br


- Credit card, 3 times: Visa | Master | Elo | Diners
- Bank payment slip: cash payment
- Payment by invoice (Read more)

Important Notes

  • Postdoctoral fellows do not qualify as graduate students and must pay the full member or non-member rate.
  • SBTOX Members in debt with their annual fees should contact SBTOX Secretariat (secretaria@sbtox.org) and are required to check and update membership status before completing meeting registration. SBTOX reserves the right to CANCEL the Registration and Abstract submission of members in debt that have not contacted the Society.


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Mini Courses (May 25, 2022)

  • Curso 1
Horário: Das 8h às 12h e das 14h às 18h
CSI Brasil: O papel da toxicologia e química forense na resolução de investigações criminais

Mônica de Souza (INC-DPF - DF)
Elvis M. de Aquino (Polícia Civil - SP)
Pablo A. Marinho (Polícia Civil - MG)
Fabricio S. Pelição (Polícia Civil - ES)
Rony Costa (Polícia Civil - PB)

  • Curso 2
Horário: Das 8h às 12h e das 14h às 18h
Boas práticas em cálculos de PDE para fins de validação de limpeza e gerenciamento de risco em instalações compartilhadas, conforme a RDC 301/2019

Carlos Eduardo Matos dos Santos (ALTOX)
Marcos R. Pereira (Janssen-Cilag)
Roberto dos Reis (ANVISA)

  • Curso 3 - Teórico/Prático
Horário: Das 8h às 12h e das 14h às 18h (Será realizado nas dependências da UNIVALI, campi de Itajaí, SC)
Adotando Novas Abordagens em metodologias (NAMs) para avaliação de toxicidade inalatoria: teoria e prática

Marize Campos Valadares (UFG)
Artur C. G. da Silva (UFG)

  • Curso 4
Horário: Das 8h às 12h
Aplicação de ferramentas in silico para avaliação toxicológica

Mariah Ultramari (Spektra consultoria)

  • Curso 5
Horário: Das 14h às 18h
Biomarcadores de contaminação aquática: conceitos, métodos e aplicações

Afonso Celso Dias Bainy (UFSC)



The theme chosen for the 2022 meeting is “Innovation in Toxicological Sciences”.

  • Alternative Animal Models & Emerging in vitro models
  • Analytical Toxicology
  • Clinical and Laboratorial Toxicology
  • Drugs of Abuse
  • Environmental Safety and Health
  • Food Safety
  • Forensic
  • Genotoxicity and Carcinogenesis
  • Immunotoxicology
  • Experimental Toxicology
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Risk Assessment
  • Toxicologic Hazard in the Workplace
  • Other


Abstracts must meet the following form: English (only), Single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman font.

The abstract must be structured using the following:

  • Title, author(s) name, author(s) affiliation(s). Use an asterisk (*) to identify the presenting author;
  • Background/introduction;
  • Objective;
  • Methods;
  • Results;
  • Discussion/conclusion;
  • Acknowledgments.

Do not exceed 600 words in length.

Limit of abstracts:

- Maximum of two abstracts for each participant. There is no limit to participation in co-authorship of abstracts submitted by other participants.

- Attention: For submission, the author must be registered and paid subscription.



The content of an effective ePoster presentation should be clear, focused, and concise. Please hand in your ePoster as a 1-page PDF-file in portrait orientation. Please read the following technical requirements:

File format: .pdf (single page PDF)
In pixel: 1536 height x 1080 width (portrait orientation)
In cm: 54,2 height x 38,1 width (portrait orientation)
Font size: Minimum 16pt

The authors should be able to upload the ePoster on the CBTOX 2022 website until April 15th, 2022. Posters will be displayed on our online system during the entire conference, each poster will have a specific day for presentation.


Template for e-poster, it is not mandatory to follow this template is just an example.

Click here to download

Oral presentations

Oral presenters get 7 minutes for their presentation, with an additional 3 minutes for questions and switching between presentations. Therefore, you should not spend too much time introducing a topic. Session chairs will be instructed to be very strict regarding timing.


After the end of the Congress, an online certificate for the approved work will be awarded to the author responsible for submitting the work to the site. To print or download the certificate, the congress participant must access the "Certificates" area, which is located on the congress homepage, enter the registered e-mail and fill out the "Satisfaction Survey".

Important: certificates are not sent directly to the congress participant’s e-mail.

If you have any doubts please send an e-mail to contact@cbtox2021.com.br

Visiting Balneário Camboriú

With night live, beaches, diversified cuisine and a great and up dated commerce. It is impossible not to fall in love with this balneary of 46 km² that looks and feels like a big city. Gradually, the young Camboriú has become a cosmopolitan, modern city that attracts tourists from all over Brazil and even the world.

Known as the Santa Catarina Capital of Tourism, Camboriú offers tourist places and views, and natural attractions that stand out throughout the year. With so many qualities, no wonder, the numbers are surprising by the magnitude of the city. Camboriú is the 7th city in the country chosen by foreign tourists. Between the December-March the city receives approximately two million visitors.

Besides the tourist vocation, this small Balneary was once only known for its summer tourism, but now became a city with many attractive things throughout the year. Camboriú is among the cities with the best quality of life in Brazil, reflecting the progressive increase of residents. It also has the highest population density of the state.

Camboriú is also an excellent destination to hold events and business meetings. There are dozens of modern spaces, able to receive congresses, training sessions and exhibitions. Following the trends of world tourism, the city invests in a qualified infrastructure; the events held here are always big successes.

In addition, the city brings together some of the highest residential buildings under construction in Brazil, along with one of the most expensive m² in the South of the country, the construction sector has gained national recognition. This grandiose view of the full length of the beach gives the city a great metropolis status.

Transfer, Accommodation & Sightseeing

Read more about VIPMAR Turismo

Official agency

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Hotel Sibara Flat & Convenções

Av. Brasil, 1500 - Centro, Balneário Camboriú - SC, 88330-901